Connected Business

Connected Business has the role of ensuring that the different internal processes within your company are done in a more efficient and effective way. You will be amazed at the cost savings and process optimization that we can get together. Our logistics advisers like to be involved in your processes, from A to Z. Thus, we can support process optimization through analysis, planning and execution. Connected Business department prepares your product map to help you find optimization opportunities.

Together, we determine the blockages in your logistics process and suggest solutions for improvement. We also offer a good understanding of the possibilities of improving your logistics processes with relevant information for your work. Process analysis can be done in two ways. We enter into dialogue with you in a session to create the process map. Together we review the entire process, often discovering surprising prospects. Waste, inventory, revision: all aspects are covered.

And since this analysis is being done with you and your employees, internal support for change is guaranteed. Another form of process analysis is that one of our logistics counselors spend one day on the spot to observe the process consciously and objectively and to determine the blockages. Often, opportunities obscured by weaknesses are revealed with this approach, leading to lower costs and higher earnings.