Case studies

  • Nichrominox - UR5 cobots delivering instant 10 % increase in production

Nichrominox has reduced the drudgery of monotonous tasks and at the same time, reduced the risk for employees. Four UR5 robots were needed and deployed on three separate production lines. The cobots are programmed by an in-house programmer, who only needed 2 days of training from the distributor to be able to program a robot for a new operation. The experience has been very positive with regard to the simplicity of implementation and its low cost, as they saw an ROI on the cobots in 14 months. The company intends to pursue its transformation and acquire additional cobots shortly.


  • Rupes Italien - tool producer implementing collaborative robots

In Italy, RUPES deployed UR robots on its production line to take over strenuous and repetitive tasks, and free up human workers to perform more rewarding duties. Staff found the cobots easy and quick to install and program, and they had an immediate impact – maintaining product quality and improving productivity. The company also customised the advanced safety features of the cobots to provide additional protection for its staff. As a result of this successful implementation of UR robots, RUPES achieved its commitment to "zero defects". Now, it is adopting additional collaborative robots to perform other manufacturing processes.


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