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  1. LEUZE HT3C.S/4P-M8 248433
Application: Detection of small parts; Special design: Small light spot (S); Operating range limit: 0.005-0.2 m; Light source: LED; Red; Supply voltage: 10-30VDC; Digital switching outputs: 2 Piece(s); Switching output 1: Transistor; PNP; Light switching; Switching output 2: Transistor; PNP; Dark switching; Switching frequency: 1.000 Hz; Connection: Connector; M8; Metal; 4 -pin; Design; housing: Cubic; Dimensions: 11.4x34.2x18.3mm; Housing material: Plastic; Operational controls: Multiturn potentiometer; Ambient temperature; operation: -40-60°C; Degree of protection: IP67; IP69K