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Rotary switch, 1p, OFF, 0 - 1

  1. EATON Z-DSA1-01 208234
The rotary switches in the Z-DS series feature a modular design: the switch itself is made up of the corresponding detent mechanism and a switch package. The cams (which is why the switches are also referred to as zcam switchesz) are driven by a sturdy, torsionally rigid aluminum shaft. The switch package is made up of one or more switch cells with one or two double-break contacts that are independent of each other. The connections between adjacent switch terminals, such as the one required for the Z-DSV voltmeter changeover switch, are incorporated into the switch molding. This ensures that there will be no obstacles when connecting the terminal leads. Applications: can be practically used for any application. For example, motor switch: garage doors, ventilator, motorized roller shutters, heating controls, light fixtures, instrument switch, various control purposes, etc. Type conform to IEC 60947-3, IEC 60947-5-1, VDE 0660, EN 60947-3, SEV