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Industrial Technology and Supply for Mechanical and Electrical

itsme is the family name for an international, independent group of  five organizations. A group of companies that offer innovative technology and supply to industry, machine building, module builders and industrial installers. For both the design of new systems and the improvement of current installations, we help industrial companies to increase revenue, lower  risks and reduce costs. One of the organizations is ES Elektro in Romania

We are an experienced technical partner for both Electrical and Mechanical products, services and solutions for industrial markets with a specific position and strength in Motion and Control applications. We distinguish ourselves by offering both technology and distribution: a wide range of products with proven logistics concepts and state-of-the-art technical solutions.

We are fully leveraging the latest digital technologies, processes and tools to ensure our customers to find, select, design, build, maintain and deliver their products with the shortest time to market

We look ahead, anticipate your needs help you identify and solve your problems. With more than 100years of experience and with our 550 employees in Belgium, Germany, Romania, The Netherlands and Spain we connect the dots of the Smart Factory: we bring ideas to life and make you succeed.

​​​​​​​100 years tradition

Our roots go back to 1919, the year we were founded. A local electrical wholesaler serving the local market in the south part of the Netherlands.
Nowadays, we specialize in the supply of electrical and mechanical products, solutions and services. We have been one of the leading specialists in this field for over a century. Many thousands of machine building, module building, maintaining (industrial end-users) and industrial installing companies have put their trust in us.

In 2007 we broadened our horizons and became a player on the European market with the opening of ES Elektro in Romania. Rapidly followed by our operations in Germany, Belgium and Spain. And continuously looking to further expand in Europe. Often requested by our customers to follow them in other countries and to supply them with the same service level and expertise as they are used to.

We are a truly European group. Not just in our presence on the market, also in our endeavors to work together with similar independent, family owned companies in Europe. 25 years ago the itsme owner Peter Leeflang was the (co-)founder of IDEE, a leading group of owner managed European electrical wholesalers with 12 members present in 16 countries and a turnover of €4,7billion. Nowadays a dynamic partnership between the IDEE members, suppliers and customers under the leadership of itsme member of the board Henk Oude Brunink.

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Our customer advisors, technical specialists and logistics experts will gladly assist you personally with your commercial and technical concerns relating to our electrical and mechanical products, services and solutions.
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About us
In addition to the reliable supply of electrical components and professional sourcing, we offer more. With our comprehensive range of technical and logistic services, we succeed in contributing to the success of our customers:
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We support our customers in achieving success through the selection of and implementation of electrical and mechanical components and systems, services and logistics. Together with our technical support we ensure that customers are able to focus on their core activities.
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We stimulate and realise efficient energy use by promoting and self-usage of sustainable product. We offer our customers solutions that stimulate efficient energy use and are supported by ‘green’ product. The key factors of such solutions are energy efficient product as well as efficient use of our processes and that of our customers.
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