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Business goal

We are itsme: Industrial Technology and Supply for Mechanical and Electrical. We are an independent, technical provider of both Electrical and Mechanical products, services, and solutions, with a specific strength in motion and control applications. 

Our 550 dedicated employees in 5 countries help machine building; module building; maintaining (industrial end-users) and industrial installing companies to increase revenue, reduce risk and decrease cost. 

We continuously strive to serve our customers with the best quality possible. Quality in products, services, solutions, customer service, logistic performance, data, digital experience. Anything to optimize your customer experience.

Business management process

Our people are highly skilled, motivated and aware of the necessity to offer quality in everything we do. Our business systems are conform the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. Both certifications we obtained after rigorous testing of all our processes. An added value for our customers who are seeking a reliable partner with proven and certified management processes.

All our processes are supported by a strong backbone of SAP systems. Our ERP-system (ECC) is SAP, we have a SAP Customer Relationship Management system (Cloud for Customers), our digital web platform runs on SAP E-commerce and we use SAP marketing cloud as our state of the art digital marketing tool. All these systems ensure omni-channel customer experiences, in real time transparent information accessible to our customers.

Quality on and for the Romanian industrial market

Unlike many other opinions and viewpoints we believe strongly that the Romanian market seeks and is looking for quality in the broadest sense of the word. Improvement in quality is also a bear necessity in order to ensure a sustainable growth of the Romanian economy as a whole and Romanian industry specifically. As a provider of both Electrical and Mechanical products, services, and solutions Itsme ES Elektro helps its customers to succeed in their goals.

The Netherlands holds the 1st place in the ranking by country of residence of investors in companies with foreign capital in Romania. More than 6000 companies with Dutch capital are registered. Among the main Dutch investors in Romania are Unilever, ING Group, Philips, Damen Shipyards, Friesland Campina, Heineken, Nutricia, KPMG, Fokker, Den Braven, EVW Holding, KLG Europe and many more.
It is not without a sense of pride to mention that tsme ES Elektro Romania has won the 2020 Romanian Business Award; an annual award among those 6000+ Dutch companies active on the Romanian market recognizing our efforts to bring quality to our customers.

itsme - Habits

Quality derives from commitment to service and excellence. We are an independent organization. We respect each other, our suppliers and customers. That commitment is supported by a set of habits which defines how we do business on a day-to-day basis. In an open, transparent and feedback encouraging manner. Our habits are focused on:

  • Communication:  we communicate in a structural manner and in understandable and correct language.  
  • Discipline: we are committed to appointments, procedures, planning, instructions and time limits. 
  • Integrity: we act in honour and conscience with awareness of the norms and values both of the individual and organisations.
  • Listening: we are capable to extract important messages out of (non)verbal information. We do this by asking questions and by reacting to responses, to ensure alignment. 
  • Open to criticism: we learn lessons from criticism and we are prepared to acknowledge mistakes and shortcomings. 
  • Respect: we are open to feelings and opinions of others and we  treat others with respect. 
  • Independence: we are capable to be independent from others and we are capable of making our own choices.

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