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itsme expertise for protected, safe and healthy industry environment

Every TV news program, website, radio item, newspaper, magazine – all over the world – has since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus one subject in common: personal protection equipment.

Hospital staff, front-line workers, care staff, all medical workers need masks, gloves, aprons and other protection equipment. But also many industries want and need to protect their workers, and workers want to be protected. In re-opening our economy and re-starting activities there is a huge demand for personal protection equipment and limited supply. Unfortunately, there are many unreliable suppliers offering poor quality PPE, often not meeting the heath and safety standards set by governments and health institutions. 

itsme has many years of experience in personal protection equipment & safety. It is one of our 12 core product groups. This is where we have product specialists, with in-depth knowledge of products, manufacturers, standards, certifications and applications. And they are here to assist you for all your questions about PPE. 

itsme takes up the gauntlet against the COVID-19 virus! High-quality protection gloves

The Guide vinyl glove 616 is now available for pre-ordering. Swedish quality to arrive in the port of Rotterdam on 15 June. Exclusively for itsme and our customers to arrive at any place in Romania 1 week later. Delivered from our distribution center in Cluj-Napoca. 
Fully compliant to EC industry standards. For details click here.
​​​Besides our regular broad portfolio of PPE for industry we offer in these challenging times much sought after and needed products to battle the Covid-19 crisis. Gloves, masks, anti-bacterial hand gels (sanitizers) to name a few.

Pre-order for a limited time

Pre-ordering does not mean pre-payment. Not at itsme. It just means securing your supply whilst securing a safe and healthy work environment for your workers. Demand outweighs supply for the foreseeable future. That is why we only offer these PPE products first to our customers for pre-ordering.