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Our new platform is here for you. 

To use it as an easy and effective tool for your every day work. We offer you a wide range of functionalities, customized to the needs of industry, machine-building, module-building, industrial installing companies and system integrators.
You can browse and shop in our online catalogue with over 1 million products for all industry, electrical and mechanical. But we offer more! 
Other functionalities range from product data matching to self service solutions for registered users. My Centers offers online insight in your messages, tickets, open orders, quotes, invoices, addresses, your product data, personal settings and more.

We are itsme: Industrial Technology and Supply for Mechanical and Electrical.  

Present in 5 countries – the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain and in Romania – operating under the name itsme ES Elektro Romania.  With 550 dedicated employees. All dedicated to serving you and Making You Succeed. We help you increase revenue, reduce risk and decrease costs. 

The industrial world is changing, becoming more digital and transparent. 

Engineers, operators, purchasers, maintenance staff and others are more and more used to search, discover and select by themselves: with a few clicks we all have access to almost every piece of product information, up to the complex configuration settings of the latest PLC. As a result, everybody is better informed and customers have higher expectations of products and services.

Latest industry news, product updates and success stories

Easily consult all the latest industry news and innovations in the field of industrial automation, process optimization and lighting technology. In close cooperation with our suppliers, we offer you comprehensive information regarding the latest product developments and important facts about everything that is important to you. 

Information at your disposal, always in real time, with the efficiency you can expect from us. 

We hope you enjoy it and - most of all - use it! Click the link below to schedule an appointment with one of our Consultants, online or offline, to learn more..