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Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility

​​​​​​​In other words: CSR. One of the trending words in businesses all over the world. But, of course, words as sustainability, social responsibility, environment friendliness do not only apply to businesses but also to individual’s lifestyles, education, environment; basically of all aspects of life.

itsme has set the goal of making a continuous contribution to our society as a whole. That we are on the right path shows from the issuing of a CS&R certificate in February 2020 from an international certification institute. This in addition to our ISO9001 certificate as well as the ISO 26000.  In our continuously to be extended and improved policy three themes are leading: People, Planet & Profit.


We strongly believe that the main asset, worth and value of a business are its people. Investment in people is therefore paramount. Personal development benefits the company as a whole because it benefits our customers.

The itsme organization has implemented, already many years ago, the principals of the 7-habits (from Stephen Covey) by learning programs used by many successful companies worldwide. This continues to be the foundation of our personal development programs.

All our people have also the opportunity to enroll in an on-line digital learning program with a big variety of courses. We have an in-house professional trainer. Our people are encouraged to follow studies outside working hours financially supported by itsme.

​​​​​​​We work on the basis of a set of values, towards each other, our customers and our suppliers. These are:

  • Communication:  we communicate in a structural manner and in understandable and correct language.  
  • Discipline: we are committed to appointments, procedures, planning, instructions and time limits. 
  • Integrity: we act in honour and conscience with awareness of the norms and values both of the individual and organisations.
  • Listening: we are capable to extract important messages out of (non)verbal information. We do this by asking questions and by reacting to responses, to ensure alignment. 
  • Open to criticism: we learn lessons from criticism and we are prepared to acknowledge mistakes and shortcomings. 
  • Respect: we are open to feelings and opinions of others and we  treat others with respect. 
  • Independence: we are capable to be independent from others and we are capable of making our own choices


As a distributor of electrical and mechanical components and systems for industry and mechanical engineering, we play a prominent role in the next levels of making the industry and our society more sustainable. Our Industrial Automation department measures the energy and CO2 consumption of our customers and advise them regarding monitoring and cost-cutting measures in the areas of automation, compressed air and other fields. Additionally, we give proactive advice about sustainable products. itsme Lighting Technology department creates lighting designs for our customers, in which the design is based on possible energy efficiencies and CO2 reductions. Our Connected Business department advises on and implements customer-specific logistics solutions. With these solutions we go further than any other distributor. We offer customers the opportunity to get an overview of and control over their logistic flow and give an insight into CO2 reductions. We have been able to create an additional saving of 65% in existing logistic flows for our customers.

In order to reduce our own footprint, we measure our own consumption of resources, water and energy and reduce it by actively implementing policies that promote the use of sustainable resources and energy, instead. We use recycled paper and packaging materials and separate different types of waste. We actively stimulate our stakeholders to have a similar policy and take a stance on CS&R topics, similar to our own.

​​​​​​​Research has shown that distributors can reduce the flow of goods by 75% in the supply chain. As a longtail specialist, itsme delivers a larger and more diversified product range to its customers. Therefore, we do not only have a bigger 'share of wallet', but also have a higher level of consolidation of flows of goods.


itsme's roots trace back to 1876 and we wish to continue doing business with our business partners for an even longer time in the future. The world changes rapidly and In order to stay relevant for our stakeholders we need to reinvent ourselves again and again.  As a family owned company we are proud of our past but we are excited about our future. Based on our long term vision.

Closely related to a long term strategy and vision, is a healthy and responsible financial management and a clear and fair way of reporting. Reinventing ourselves requires a continuous stream of investments in the company, our stakeholders and our future.

We report our results based on national and international standards and renowned accounting firms check and approve our reports.

Profits are channeled back in the further development of our company by investments in people, technologies, partner programs and acquisitions, both in Romania as well as internationally.

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