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Our approach for you purchasing policy 

itsme International Accounts is a partner for your purchasing organisation. Benefit from a complete brand portfolio under one roof, create uniformity and consistency in your purchasing policy and enrich your systems with our product data. We couple each of your branches to its own itsme contact person and tailor our selection to your needs. Interested? Contact us and:

Get to know us

Our lead qualification department will contact you within 24 hours by phone and ask about your requirements. After the conversation an intake will follow with itsme International Accounts within one week.

Outline your situation during an intake

On the basis of a half-hour Skype conversation we will draw up a status outline. We will address your challenges and ask about your goals and planning. We also delve deeper into your desired services, such as our services for spare parts and technical support.

Receive an analysis 

Our Skype conversation offers enough input for an assessment of your situation. We apply our best practices, as well as our knowledge of possible pitfalls. 

View our offer

We will create a bundle for your situation, using our range of products, services and solutions. We will draw up a plan and indicate which input we require from your organisation, such as the required capacity for employees and resources. Do you agree? Then we will draw up a contract. 

Utilize our implementation

We will get to work with your bundle in the selected countries. And we will implement what we previously discussed.

​​​​​​​Profit from our reviews

At least once a year we will sit down with you for a review meeting. You will receive reports on purchasing behaviour, brand portfolio, goods flow and delivery reliability. That’s how we provide content for your client specific KPIs. Concrete and complete. Curious about these reports? Look at an example.

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Supplier reduction
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    7 oct. 2020
    CWK Training
    A company that is one of the oldest in its sector must be able to prove its flexibility on an ongoing basis. In the example of Chemiewerk Bad Koestritz this is guaranteed through the interplay of research and development with flexible plant engineering and automation, as well as through the consistent use of professional development opportunities.
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    9 iul. 2020
    ECJ Automation’s Jurgen Janssens tested itsme's web platform
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