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A trusted partner for customised automation 


Forcada Instalaciones has specialised in bespoke automation, for which they have sought a reliable supplier they could work with as a team to provide the most efficient solutions.

Not only what we do matters, but how we do it. And this also applies when it comes to finding a good supplier who may not only offer quality products, but also the necessary advice and assistance. In short, a reliable supplier who is available to offer the necessary support at all times. This is the case of Forcada Instalaciones, a company that in recent years has specialised in bespoke solutions for industrial facilities, and has found in itsme ELEKTRES a trusted partner who not only provides the best products, but also high quality technical service. 

A constant upgrading of skills and a desire to adapt to the new demands of society have led Forcada Instalaciones to specialise in customised automation. This is how they meet the highly specific needs of their customers. For this purpose, they rely on the support of itsme ELEKTRES.

“There are a lot of machine manufacturers, but only a few who do custom work”, explains Angel Forcada, the company’s Project Manager. “We identified an unmet need and decided to offer customised solutions that include mechanical aspects as well as electronics and programming”, says Angel. He adds that there are all kinds of projects, from the most complex to applications that are apparently simple but not available on the market and therefore have to be created ad hoc. 

Servo motor threading machine

Most of the customers of Forcada Instalaciones belong to the food industry, although there are also customers from the textile and automotive sectors. In one of their most recent projects, they had to create a threading machine for a bottling line with the capacity to produce 8,000 bottles per hour. “We already had an idea of what we wanted to do and we consulted with Josep Gotarra, Product Specialist at itsme ELEKTRES, to make sure we were on the right path”. 

The bottling machine is comprised of four machines. The first is the depalletiser, which removes the bottles that arrive from the factory in boxes and places them on the main line. The second machine cleans and disinfects them. The following machine is a doser, also acquired from itsme ELEKTRES. And, finally, the closing or capping machine places the cap in position.

In this case, it is a screw capping machine. At Forcada Instalaciones they wanted to use servo motors and they consulted with Josep to see if this was feasible. “We chose a servo motor because we wanted to have more information and in this sense, the machine offers us plenty of feedback, such as the revolutions at which it is turning or the number of cap turns”, says Angel. 

“After consulting with itsme ELEKTRES, we decided to go for servo motors”

itsme ELEKTRES proposed a series of servo motors and Lexium 32 drives from Schneider Electric and S7-1200 PLCs from Siemens. “Their technicians travelled to the bottling plant to commission the machine and have always been available to resolve any questions we may have had”, says Angel, who finished by saying that both them and the customer were very satisfied with the result.

A relationship based on trust

Forcada Instalaciones strives to guarantee the solutions that customers require. To do so, they rely on the most prestigious manufacturers and distributors of industrial and professional materials and machinery, such as itsme ELEKTRES. This relationship began more than six years ago and has evolved at the same pace as the company's core business; in addition to serving as a material supplier, over the years the technical assistance and support areas have become more relevant.  

“It is essential for us that our supplier of materials also offers good assistance and is always willing to help”

In fact, in addition to the quality of the products, what Forcada Instalaciones appreciates most is technical support. “There are a lot of material suppliers, but we really appreciate the assistance they give you”, says Angel. “If I have a problem and they don’t help or they provide inadequate help, I'm not interested”, he says, “however, itsme ELEKTRES has a technical team that is always willing to help and gives you the best solution”.  “Our experience with them has been very good”, he concludes, and a good example of his satisfaction is that they have worked together on countless projects.


About Forcada Instalaciones 

Forcada Instalaciones began its activity in 1976 and quickly became a benchmark for industrial facilities and housing. A few years later, they expanded their team to offer services to the main industries in the Moianès area (province of Barcelona). From the 1990s onwards, the company incorporated new industrial sectors such as heating and air conditioning to its services, as well as activities in Telecommunications. Its professional team is made up of highly trained technicians. The knowledge, experience and skills they all provide are the best guarantee for offering good service to customers. 

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