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Sustainability targets within existing production locations is high on the agenda within our industry. The same goes for lighting, which still often consists of conventional fluorescent lights. With a site survey, itsme evaluates the yield of lighting at an existing location, or a brownfield. Intended for zero measurement, as a basis for the design of a new light situation.


Measured and documented

Are you interested in a site survey? You’ll receive our offer within a week, including a clear description of our prices and conditions. After your approval, one of our consultants will visit your product location to take photos and conduct light measurements. Our consultant notes the deviation from norms and organises the spaces at the location according to different categories. Every category also receives a low, average or high difficulty level.


Tested by experience

With this - experience tested - work method, we create a complete image of your current situation. You will receive a TCO report and have a check of the safety and light requirements at your disposal. Curious to see what a report after an itsme site survey looks like? View two pages from an earlier report.


Call our experts

Interested in a site survey? After a free phone conversation with one of our experts you will know the benefits for your organisation. Contact us for an appointment and we will call you within one business day.

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You want security, also when it concerns the future lighting at your production location. So we’re happy to assess an existing lighting design, regardless of whether it concerns your future investment or the technical specifications of the lighting. After we receive the documentation from you, we assess if it is complete and send you a free offer for a report within one week.
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