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Just In Time Delivery

You prefer to keep your inventory as low as possible. The fewer projects you maintain, the less you spend on management and square metres. Instead, the efficiency within your logistics processes will increase - accompanied by greater reliability and quality for your customer. With just in time delivery we are to keen to contribute to that result. Flexible and calibrated to your organisation, so that things are there when you need them.

Just in time

With just in time delivery the desired delivery date is the focus. We select our suppliers per purchase order, order your products and materials on time and make sure that those parts are delivered at just the right moment. Not too late, but definitely not too early. Furthermore we constantly keep our finger on the pulse with extensive back-order monitoring. Is the product not deliverable on time? Then we will inform you in a timely manner and quickly offer you an alternative.

Targeted division

The way you order parts per project is how we monitor the accompanying processes. We search, find and source and look with you at your logistics system, which makes us responsible for availability. Internally we make a strict differentiation between orders from inventory and client specific orders. Therefore we can share very targeted information with you, up until the level of every order line for your project. Thanks to the strict division of long tail processes we offer insight as early as possible. We are not afraid to state: we are unique that way.

Ask for your free intake

Do you want to know more about just in time deliveries by itsme? After a free intake with one of our experts on Skype you will have a clear view of the options and benefits. Contact us for an appointment and we will call you within one business day.

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